VBN Electronic!: April 8th


  • Live Recreational Virtual Bingo
  • Electronic Edition
  • Hosted by Lady Rashonda & Dr. BINGO
  • Zoom! Real-time! No delay!
  • Call your ‘BINGO!’
  • Blackout Grand Prize: $75 Amazon Gift Card
  • Feature Pattern: Jolly Rancher – $45 Amazon Card
  • Play with your FREE Permanent Bingo Card™
  • 10 Rounds! Eccentric Patterns! Great Music!
  • Amazon Gift Cards awarded for prizes
  • Fast award, immediately after game
  • Zoom link and passcode included in receipt

*Registration closes day of event, Thursday, April 8th, at 4:00 PM EST to determine award amounts.
(Additional $9.99 Late Fee afterwards)
**Prize amounts will be reduced if there are less than 20 Registrants.
***ALL Bingo games & contests are for social and recreational purposes ONLY, hosted within our exclusive Virtual Bingo Network™, on Zoom, re-streamed on Facebook and YouTube, free to participants, using our exclusive Permanent Bingo Card™. Fee is for access to private Zoom room where the event is hosted. No games include ‘real-money gambling’ or an opportunity to win real money. As a recreational game, only ONE Permanent Bingo Card™ allowed per participant, giving all participants have an equal opportunity to win. Only gift cards with NO monetary value will be awarded as prizes, immediately after the game. Facebook and merchants are NOT associated with or responsible for this event. Music is for social & promotional purposes only and no infringement is intended. By registering for Zoom access, and participating in ANY Virtual Bingo Network™ event, you are agreeing to all rules, terms, & conditions, including granting Covin Gaming League permission & rights to use your image, likeness, and sound of your voice as recorded on audio or video without payment or any other consideration.

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